Home Built Turbine Engine Links

Here are some links to other web pages devoted to amateur turbine engines. Many of these pages also have lots of links to other pages and useful resources.

  • Justin Beardsley's jet engine Justin is a high school student who built his own jet engine based on my design. Great work Justin!

  • An Amateur Liquid Fueled Turbo Turbine site

  • Turbocharger Gas Turbine Engine

  • DIY-Turbo-Turbine Page

  • Larrys home made Gas Turbine Jet Engine

  • Mark Nye's turbine page

  • pcats5

  • Roger Marmion's Turbocharger Turbine page

  • Small Gas Turbines Home Page

  • Backyard Metalcasting - Not about turbines but really interesting and informative.

    Other useful and interesting sites

  • Amazon.com For books on jet and gas turbine engines.

  • CarParts.com For all sorts of car parts and accessories.

  • eBay Auctions For jet engine parts, turbochargers, pumps, motors, etc.

  • Half Price Computer Books A great store if you are a computer nerd like me.

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